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Solar Powered Survival Trailer

Like most Mechanical Engineers and Mechanical Designers, I use 3D CAD Models to do all of my design work. The Solared Survivor design is ideal for my needs, knowing that I may have to flee due to a wildfire, or I may have to bunker down due to an earthquake. It takes care of all of my needs in both scenarios. This may or may not be ideal for your situation and your emergency preparedness scenario. I'm making available all of the models of the trailers and components that I used to design and make Solared Survivor. This gives people with CAD capabilities, the option to use these components to create their own design. I also include models for 10FT, 20FT, 40FT, and 53FT ISO Shipping Containers for those looking to design their own less portable survival shelter or underground survival shelter or hunting cabin, possibilities are endless really. (see images of models below). 

If you don't have 3D CAD software or CAD knowledge, scroll down to the 3D CAD Software section to links for free 3d cad software downloads and information on how you too can use these models to create your own design.      

20ft ISO Shipping Container20ft ISO Shipping Container 3D CAD Model
40ft ISO Shipping Container40ft ISO Shipping Container 3D CAD Model
53ft ISO Shipping Container53ft ISO Shipping Container 3D CAD Model

Click here to view all of the models available for download

Solar Powered Survival Trailer

3D CAD Software

People ask me often, if they or their friend or their family member are interested in pursuing an Engineering career, where should they start? I always tell them the same thing. Take a 3D CAD class at a local community college. Because of the evolution of manufacturing using models, if you know 3D CAD, you can take ideas and inventions that are in your head, create designs, and easily manufacture your own parts and products. Read about the streamlined processes that fabrication and machine shops now possess because of the 3D CAD Evolution. The real exciting part is the rapid production and prototyping now available by using a 3D Printer.

Some 3D CAD software packages offer a 30 day free trial. The step by step videos, online help and forums in these software packages are so detailed, you can self-teach yourself without ever having to take a class. I do recommend taking a class though. Plus, it you are a registered student, you get the complete download for free or at a fraction of the cost. Here is the link to the 30 day free trial of my favorite 3D CAD software, Autodesk Inventor, as well as the industry standard, Solidworks.

This trial software will give you a 30 day window where you can download the 3D CAD Models above and create a design for your specific needs. 

Solar Powered Survival Trailer

3D CAD Models have a catch..

The models aren't free. I know, I hear my fellow CAD designers screaming and swearing at me through the computer. I'm sure most of you will have no issue searching the different 3D CAD content centers or other free CAD model websites and find a perfectly suitable ISO Shipping Container or Enclosed Cargo Trailer that you could use for your design work. And If you are doing a simple placement or conceptual layout, I encourage you to do that.

However. If you plan to not just design a layout, but to build it. Before you start your design work on a free downloaded model, I suggest you take a moment and read about the experience I had and the problems I encountered with CAD Model Inaccuracies.  

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