The Trailer; Features and Components

Solar Powered Survival Trailer

Welcome to the product page for Solared Survivors' Solar Powered Survival Trailer. This page outlines all of the components, features and capabilities that make up this self-sufficient, self-sustaining, self-powered, one of a kind unit. 

Emergency Home Solar GeneratorSolar Home Generator
Solar TrailerA Free Endless Power Source
Hook-Up Free CampingHook-Up Free Camping
Remote living TrailerOff-Grid Remote Living

Trailer Shell

  • Enclosed 6' W x 12' L V-Nose Cargo Trailer with 6' 6'' Interior Height
  • Single Axle 3500lb Max Load, so it can be Towed by most Mid-Size SUV's
  • Insulated Walls
  • Back Barn Doors w/ RV Latch
  • Includes Brakes & Rear Stabilizer

Solar and Electrical

Solared Survivors Solar ArraySolar Panels Tilted

Solar Panels

  • (3x) 280W Monocrystalline SolarWorld Panels
  • Mounted on Adjustable Pivot Frame, that can tilt up 30 Degrees to improve efficiency by up to 20%
  • Panels are Wired in Parallel at Combiner Box to Maximize Efficiency in partial shade
  • Panels can be isolated with DC Disconnect.

Charge Controller

  • Outback FlexMax 60 is a Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) Controller that will increase your solar panels charging performance by up to 30% and will properly manage and maintain the correct charging parameters for the batteries based on the batteries manufacturers specifications.
Solared Survivor Power CenterSolared Survivors Power Wall

Trailers DC Power

  • The Trailer is primarily run on 12VDC, coming directly from the 12VDC Battery Bank through a couple DC Circuit Breakers
  • Keeping the majority of the power DC, conserves the power in the batteries, since you lose power in the conversion to AC 
  • Lights, Pumps and Fans all run on 12VDC
  • There are 3 Outlets throughout, each with (1) 12VDC Socket and (2) 5VDC USB Ports
  • Includes a 12VDC Adapter Kit to directly power Laptops and DVD Players without having to use the 120VAC Power Supply included with those devices
  • Includes a 25ft 12VDC extension cord 

Inverter & AC Power

  • Contains a 2000W Pure Sine Inverter / Charger with a 6000W Surge for 20 secs
  • Converts the batteries stored 12VDC into 120VAC power
  • 200A Inline Safety Fuse between the Batteries and the Inverter
  • Since this Inverter is also a Charger, you can plug into the trailer and charge the batteries from any external AC power source, such as your home or shore power
  • Contains an Interior Dual 120V NEMA 5-15R Outlet for running 120V appliances
  • There is a 120VAC External Power Panel that allows access to the Solar System and 5kWh worth of batteries from the outside. Essentially making this trailer a mobile Solar Generator that you can use to provide power to a home in an emergency or blackout
  • Keep it plugged into your home through a Manual Transfer Switch and use the Solar System to reduce your electric bill and keep those circuits off-grid and immune to blackouts
  • Includes a 50ft NEMA 5-15 Extension Cord
  • Includes a 25ft TT-30 to L5-30 Extension Cord

Solared Survivors Battery BankBattery Bank


  • (2x) 6VDC 415Ah AGM Batteries
  • Wired in series for a total of 12VDC 415Ah or 5kWh
  • Non-Hazardous, Sealed and Maintenance-free
  • 7 year warranty 

External Power Panel

  • 120V AC Power
  • 30 Amp Breaker for TT-30R RV Outlet and Dual NEMA 5-15R Outlets; (Outgoing Power from Inverter and Batteries)
  • 20 Amp Breaker for 120V Plug, used for Charging Batteries from an External Source or Shore Power; (Incoming Power to Charger and Batteries)
  • Spare Breaker Slot
  • Pad lockable for Security

Solared Survivor External Power PanelExternal Power Panel


As opposed to other Survival Trailers, whose kitchens are external and are only accessible by going outside, Solared Survivor's kitchen is internal. There is no need to go outside in the elements or into an unsafe, unknown situation to cook. Food supplies are stored safely inside.

Solared Survival Trailer Kitchen

Countertop, Under Counter Area and Cooking Supplies

  • 6ft of Total Countertop w/ an Addition Swing-out "L" Style Counter 
  • Chrome Plated Brass Faucet fed from Main Tank via 12v Pump
  • 13'' x 10'' Stainless Steel Sink that Drains into an External Grey Water Tank
  • 12v Ventilation Fan & Shroud to Exhaust Cooking Fumes
  • 4ft Lower Counter Shelf for Storing Cooking Supplies
  • 2 Pull-out Drawers for Addition Storage
  • 25 Year Life Emergency Food, 3 Month Supply for a Family of 4
  • Dual Stovetop Burner
  • Back-up Biolite Wood Burning Stove
  • Pots and Pans
  • Utensils and SS Dishes
  • 12V Water Boiler
  • 12V Skillet
Solared Survivor Trailer Kitchen

Chalk and Cork Boards

  • The Chalk Board is perfect for Reminders, To Do Lists, Schedules, Goals, and any Plans or Future Itineraries
  • The Cork Board and Pins will organize your paperwork and keep them all in one place

Water Components and Features

Rain Water Catch System

  • Any water that lands on the Solar Panels, is automatically routed, pre-screened and collected into the Gravity Filter Tank.
  • Place Snow onto the Solar Panels to Capture the Melted Water Runoff

8 Gallon Gravity Filter Tank

  • Gravity Filter is Automatically Fed from the Rain Water Catch System.
  • Contains an Independent Filling Port for Pouring in a Skeptical Water Supply to be Automatically Filtered
  • Water in the Gravity Filter Tank is Filtered and then feed into the Main Tank.

53 Gallon Main Water Tank

  • The Tank is fed Automatically from the Gravity Filter
  • It Contains an Independent Filling Port to Bypass the Gravity Filter, if you already have a Clean Water Supply or prefer to use a Hand Pump Filter
  • The Water from the Main Tank is Automatically Pumped and Feed to the Sink Faucet  

6 Gallon Grey Water Tank

  • Mounted underneath the Trailer
  • Collects the Grey Water from the Sink Drain
  • 1/4 Turn Valve Makes it easy to Drain or use for Plants
  • Contains Overflow Valve, In case it gets too full, it wont back-up into the Trailer

Storage and Gear

The equipment in Solared Survivor was selected to provide as much versatility as possible to its owners. It's first purpose is to meet all your needs while living out of the trailer for an extended period of time. But since situations can change and there may be a need for the owners to leave, the storage system and gear selected is portable and will meet all your needs if you have to flee on foot.

Solared Survivor Personal StoragePersonal Storage / Bug-Out Bags

Personal Storage

  • Storage / Bug-Out Backpacks and 20 Degree Sleeping Bags are provided
  • 2 Sleeping Bags can Zip together to form 1 Double Sleeping Bag
  • Store Personal Items, Clothes, Toiletries in each persons Backpack
  • Backpacks and Sleeping Bags Stow away when not in use
  • Backpacks are attached by a carabiner and can be easily removed for day / overnight hikes or in case of an emergency situation that requires you to evacuate the trailer.

Pad Lockable Storage Cabinets (x4)

Solared Survivor Survival Cabinet 1

Cabinet #1

  • Survival Seed Vault
  • Culinary Herb Seeds
  • Medicinal Herb Seeds
  • Reflective Vests (X4)
  • Solar Lanterns (X4)
  • Hand Crank Rechargeable Head Lights (X4)
  • Ultra-Bright Headlamp
  • Duct Tape / 550 Cord
  • Knives
  • Compass
  • Ham Radio
  • Portable Solar Panel
  • Rechargeable Batteries and Charger
  • 12VDC Adapter Kit to directly power Laptops and DVD Players without having to use the 120VAC Power Supply included with those devices
  • 25ft 12VDC extension cord
  • 6ft USB to Micro-USB Cables (x4)
  • Rechargeable Electric Lighter
  • Waterproof Matches
  • Piston Fire Starter
  • Magnesium / Flint Striker

Solared Survivor Water and First Aid Cabinet

Cabinet #2

  • Hand Pump Water Purifier
  • Iodine Drops
  • Spare Gravity Filter Cartridges
  • Siphon Pump
  • Solar Shower
  • Portable Toiletry Traveler 
  • First Aid Kit
  • Space for Medicines

Cabinet #3 & #4

  • Cabinets #3 and #4 are left empty
  • These Cabinets are the closest to the kitchen and are intended to be used as a pantry or additional storage. 

More Gear...

  • Dual Gun Rack (Shotgun Not Included)
  • .22 Caliber Pellet Gun, Spring Loaded Break Barrel
  • Fishing Pole Rack with 4 Rod and Reels
  • Ammo Bag with Shoulder Strap
  • Fishing Tackle Bag with Shoulder Strap
  • Hatchet
  • Fire Extinguisher
Solared Survivors Survival WallGun Racks and Fishing Poles
Solared Survivors Ammo and Fishing BagsAmmo and Fishing Tackle Bags

Solared Survivor Ladder and ChairsExtension Ladder and Chairs

And More Gear...

  • Extension Ladder
  • Outdoor Reclining, Lounge Chairs

And Even More Gear...

  • Extension Broom and Dustpan
  • Military Style Shovel w/ Sheath
  • Rolling, Hydraulic Tool Box Seat
  • The Tool Box contains all of the tools necessary to service and maintain Solared Survivor and it's components while living remote or off-grid.

Sleeping and Lounging Area

The living space of Solared Survivor can transform from a couch with an end table, to a bed with a nightstand, or fold-up completely to maximize the trailers floor space and allow owners to still have the capability to haul cargo, bikes, motorcycles, etc. It also includes a 12V Fridge.

Couch with an End Table Mode

  • Couch is 6-1/2ft Long and 2-1/2ft from the Wall
Solared Survivors Living Space
Solared Survivors Living Room

Bed with a Nightstand Mode

  • The Bed is 6-1/2ft Long and a Little Under 4ft from the Wall and comfortably sleeps 2
Solared Survivors Bedroom
Solared Survivors Bedroom

Folded-Up Position

Solared Survivor Fold-Up Unit


For More information, Email us at: 

Solared Survivors Survival Wall

Additional Options

  • 12v Desalination Pump for Coastal Residents
  • ARB Fridge/Freezer
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