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A Solar Powered Survival Trailer; Designed for Everyday Use

Solared Survivor is a solar powered survival trailer, whose main purpose is to provide a lifeline to you and your family.

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A Solar Powered Survival Trailer; Components, Features and Capabilities

Welcome to the product page of Solared Survivors' Solar Powered Survival Trailer. This page will discuss all of the components and features.

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Solar Plant Outside Primm, NV.

Solar Trailer at Primm, NV

Primm, Nevada

Working our way home through Nevada, had to stop to get a shot of the Trailer with the Solar Plant in the backdrop.

Lava Hot Springs, Idaho

Solar Trailer at Idaho

Lava Hot Springs, Idaho!

It's amazing the places you can go and stay, when you don't require any electrical or water hook-ups.

West Yellowstone!

Solar Trailer at Yellowstone

Yellowstone Was No Match!

Heading West and then South from here.

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