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Lets Start asking questions about your Emergency preparedness.

Solar Powered Survival Trailer

Are you Prepared?

Solared Survivor Survival Trailer Survival Gear

Not Zombie-land, Doomsday or Post Apocalypse kind of prepared.  A survival trailer is the ultimate in preparedness, but I'm talking about having a few essential items on hand in case of an emergency.  A hand pump for emergency water purification?  A wood burning survival stove for cooking?  An Emergency Home Generator in case you lost power?  A HAM Radio or some form of communication and means to gather information?  What if your home wasn't safe anymore and you had to leave? 

Would you and your family be dependent on government assigned shelter and food rationing in a FEMA camp? Or would you be able to be self sufficient, rely on yourself and take care of you and your family?  That is exactly what I want to help you do.  This comes in different degrees  and people have different comfort levels.  A few key essentials may be enough for your peace of mind, where a fully stocked survival trailer is more ideal for someone else. Everyone needs to assess their priorities and their immediate needs based on their geography and there potential dangers. 

Solar Powered Survival Trailer

What are your Surroundings?

Every person's environment is different, therefore, so is each person's priorities in terms of resources.  Most people would put a high priority on water and food, and they need to consider having an emergency supply on hand.  Someone in a cold environment will be dependent on shelter and heat, since hypothermia will kill you long before hunger or dehydration have a chance to set in.  They need to consider a back-up generator, shelter or other heating source. 

Survival Trailer Water Tank

I know that where I live, the houses on my street are supplied from a water tank on the hill.  It feeds the houses water during the day and then the city runs the pump at night when electricity is cheaper and fills it back-up.  Knowing this information, if the city water supply ever became contaminated or a supply line broke, I know that I have the tank available to me and I can fill up bathtubs, rain barrels, trashcans, whatever I can until the tank goes dry, even if the city water main water supply is down.

Solar Powered Survival Trailer

Potential Threats?

Survival Trailer Wildfire

Know what emergencies, natural disasters and dangers you need to be prepared for based on your area.  Floods?  Hurricanes?  Tornados?  I live in Southern California.  I know my biggest threats are Earthquakes and Wildfires.  Two completely different scenarios.  Wildfires call for my immediate evacuation and I'll have to be away from my home and any of it's resources that I can't take with me.  In an Earthquake, I won't be able to go anywhere. Roads, Highways, Bridges might all be down and everyone may be locked down for an extended amount of time.  In this scenario, I will only have my home resources and will have to survive on those for who knows how long. 

Solar Powered Survival Trailer

Who controls Your Resources?

Survival Trailer Meter

Emergencies aren't the only concern.  Recently, I saw gas prices hit an all time high.  Last year a malfunction at the power plant caused a 2 day power outage.  Living in California during a 5 year drought with the implementation of water restrictions, further echoes the fact that someone else controls the resources that my family and I depend on everyday.  So, not only is an emergency or a natural disaster a need to consider when taking steps to be prepared, but as populations increase and resources become more scarce, the "powers that be" will have to make choices on who gets what portion of their controlled resources.

And what if you are on the short list?

It is reasonable and smart to be part of a new economy and technology of attracting energy and resources that are immediately usable by your own means.

Solar Powered Survival Trailer

Supply is Great, but Resupply?

Having a supply of your immediate need resources on hand is important, what's equally important is having a means to generate those resources once your supply has been depleted.  RESUPPLY.  Do you have Rain Barrels attached to your homes rain gutter system?  Do you have a home water purification system or some means of emergency water purification to convert a skeptical water source to a viable drinking supply?  If you're on a coastal town, a desalinization pump would be a good choice to convert salt water to fresh water to have an endless supply.  Are your emergency home generators run on propane or a fuel supply that can run out?  A shift to a solar powered generator or one running on a renewable energy source, would take away your need to resupply your fuel source.  What about food?  Are you near the ocean and lakes where you can catch fish?  Close to hunting grounds?  Do you have any fruit trees, a garden or seeds that you can plant?  We keep four chickens on my property.  That's the max the city allows my property to have and no Roosters!  In a crisis, sure I could eat them, but that would only be 4 large meals for my family.  These chickens are great layers, each one lays 5 to 6 eggs a week.  That's a small meal everyday!

Solar Powered Survival Trailer

A Survival Trailer, but Much More...

Solared Survivor TrailerSolared Survivor Trailer

The ultimate solution for me, based on my environment, my potential threats and my piece of mind, is a fully equipped survival trailer.  A survival trailer that not only has an emergency supply of my resources, but one that is designed around the technologies and equipment needed to gather and resupply them, indefinitely.  More importantly, a trailer I can use everyday to generate my own power, reduce my electric bill and keep key components of my home independent from the grid and immune from power outages.  That is what I designed and manufactured for myself.

Visit our Trailer Page to learn about it's features and capabilities.

The survival trailer is the essence of Solared Survivor.  In addition, one of our main goals is to create an informative website to provide people with crucial information on Residential Solar Power, Emergency Home Generators, Emergency Water Purification, Survival Shelters and Ham Radios.  This website can be used to inform and direct you to the critical equipment, gear and resources you need to create a lifeline for yourself and your family, based on surroundings and potential threats.

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