Emergency Home Generator Comparison

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A side by side emergency home generator comparison between gas and solar generators reveal to me that, though more expensive, solar generators are far more superior and have too many unquestionable advantages.

Gas Generators

  1. They are affordable.  For a couple hundred bucks, you can get a generator that will provide you with more than enough power in an emergency.
  2. You have to store the gas and rotate it out, since gas will go bad after several months unless you add a fuel extender.  Originally, I was in the habit of storing gas in cans for 3-6 months next to the generator.  I would empty the cans into my gas tank and then refill them.  Currently, I just keep a syphon pump next to the generator and I get in the habit of never letting my gas tank fall below 1/2 a tank.  
  3. Gas Generators are loud.  If the power was out for an extended period of time, do I want a loud gas generator echoing throughout my neighborhood informing people that I have something that they are living without and essentially making my house and family a target?  Not that I'm not into helping people, quite the opposite, I am.  But I also need to consider the life raft analogy.  If I'm on a life raft and several people are in the water around me, I can only load so many people in my life boat before it sinks.  Then me and my family are in the water and nobody is any better off.
  4. Gas Generators exhaust carbon monoxide and need to be located in an area that is safe for both the generators exhaust and the storing of the gas.  Usually a place outside where they can be stolen.
  5. Gas Generators have several moving parts and has potential for breaking down and needing maintenance and repair.

Solar Generators

  1. Solar Generators consisting of battery storage and solar panels can get expensive.  Though the technology has advanced and prices have dropped, you will still be looking at several thousand dollars for a system capable of supplying your home with any real power.
  2. No fuel, fuel storage or fuel re-supply required.  Its fuel supply is produced from the sun and is constantly being replenished on cloudless days.
  3. Solar Generators are silent.  No loud generator echoing throughout your neighborhood singling you out.  Just quiet, inconspicuous power generation and storage. 
  4. Solar Generators don't have any exhaust gas.  Some batteries will outgas harmful fumes but this can be avoided as long as you use sealed AGM Batteries or these new Lithium-ion Batteries from Tesla.
  5. Solar Generators don't have any moving parts that can break down or that require maintenance.  Batteries are warrantied for 5 to 10 years and the Solar Panels have a 25 year warranty.  These Solar World Panels not only are warrantied for 30 years but guarantee they will be 90% as efficient after 25 years. 

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