Solared Survivor Trailer Plans for Do-It-Yourselfers

Solar Powered Survival Trailer

Trailer Plans

I'm making the Solared Survivor trailer plans available because my main goal is to help people become prepared and help them take care of their families in horrendous situations.

The plans are a complete build package that includes:

  1. Frame Weldment / Bend and Fold Sheet Metal Manufacturing Drawings
  2. Individual Component Drawings
  3. Mechanical Assembly Drawings
  4. Bill of Materials with Manufacturers Information
  5. Electrical Schematics

The Solared Survivor trailer isn't cheap to buy, or build for that matter.  But for do-it yourselfers who feel they can do the manufacturing themselves, have a trailer and components they can use already, or plan to build it over time, it may be a more affordable option.

Solar Powered Survival Trailer

Plans have a catch....

Before I will release the plans, a legal document will be sent over and needs to be signed and agreed too.  It simply states that I hold all design rights to the Solared Survivor plans, as well as any alterations to or of the original design.  Don't let this scare you. If you are legitimately going to take the plans, build the trailer exactly to the plans or a different variation based on the trailer or different components you already have and plan to build this trailer for yourself, I encourage you to do so.  I'd even love to help you.  Now if you're planning to take the plans and start manufacturing the trailer and selling it to other people.  Then we have a problem and the legal side comes in.

Solar Powered Survival Trailer
Survival Trailer Plans

Plans available Summer 2016

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